Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement

Most garage doors have several springs that do most of the heavy lifting. These springs can break at the least convenient time — leaving you stranded outside, trapping your vehicle indoors or putting your business on hold. If your springs break, your door will become stuck, and you will need to call a professional for repairs.

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Types of Garage Door Springs We Repair

Automatic and manual garage doors both rely on springs to open and close. At San Diego Door Pros, we specialize in all types of garage door spring replacement for residential and commercial garage doors. We provide same-day service for almost any garage door make and size. Our technicians will replace your:

  • Extension springs. You will find your extension springs on both sides of the door, with most doors supported by two or four. These springs counterbalance the door’s weight, and if one breaks, your garage door can sit at an awkward angle.
  • Torsion springs. Torsion springs are tightly wound into horizontal coils that mount above the door opening and help lift your garage door. Most doors use one or two torsion springs, and a broken spring will usually stop your door from opening.
  • TorqueMaster springs. TorqueMaster springs are shaft-enclosed springs common to new builds. They have a much shorter service life than the torsion springs we have available, and we can convert yours to keep your system operating for longer. 

Professional Garage Door Spring Repair

If you hear a loud bang in your garage, your door is stuck or you think you have a broken garage door spring, call San Diego Door Pros. Attempting a do-it-yourself garage door extension or torsion spring repair is incredibly dangerous. For all of our garage door services, we arrive with all the replacement hardware required to complete your repair in a single visit. Our technicians have the tools, training and skills necessary to restore your door to working order using safe and expert procedures.

With professional extension or torsion spring repair by San Diego Door Pros, you gain the benefit of a decade of local experience and additional advantages, including:

  • Rapid, same-day spring repair services. Our technicians will choose the correct replacement spring and complete your installation in under an hour.
  • Complete door lubrication. When we perform any extension or torsion spring repair, we include a full-door lubrication service to improve performance.
  • The industry’s best warranties. We back all of our garage door spring repairs with a 10-year parts warranty and a 90-day labor guarantee.

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At San Diego Door Pros, we have the experience, parts and equipment to service garage doors of any make and model. As your local garage door installation and service provider, we can be at your home or business fast to replace the garage door springs, and we offer free quotes on all of our garage door repair services. 

If your garage door has broken springs, schedule a garage door spring replacement or request a free estimate, contact San Diego Door Pros today or call us at 619-770-0300.


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