Garage Door Opener Installation

Automatic garage doors offer significant benefits. However, when they start to fail, you lose access to those benefits until you install a replacement. If your garage door opener is broken or starting to malfunction, San Diego Door Pros has the solution with expert door opener installation services. We carry the latest residential and commercial LiftMaster® garage door openers equipped with innovative features, and we provide rapid service anywhere in the area.

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When Is It Time to Install a New Garage Door Opener?

Automatic garage doors rely on openers to function. When openers wear out or stop working, your door can also malfunction or fail to work. Common warning signs you should install a new garage door opener include:

Strange Sounds

All garage door openers produce noise when working, but some sounds can indicate trouble. If your garage door opener grinds, makes rattling noises or seems like it strains to move your door up and down, you likely need a replacement. Odd-sounding noises often indicate a failing motor or damaged, rusted or worn components.

Improper Operation

A faulty garage door opener can cause your door to open and shut without being told. If your garage door motor sends incorrect signals to your door, you could walk out to find your garage door wide open with your home, business or property exposed to the elements. You may also experience issues with your door almost closing or just touching the ground before going back to the open position.

No Response

If you press your wall switch or remote and nothing happens, the opener is your primary suspect. Garage door openers are responsible for operating your door, and a faulty antenna or motor can cause the opener to stop functioning. When openers malfunction, a replacement may be the best solution to ensure you can depend on your garage door to perform as-designed and prevent additional repairs.

Your Home for LiftMaster Door Opener Installation Services

We exclusively carry the latest advanced models from LiftMaster, including options from the Elite Series® and Premium Series. All of our garage door openers deliver a wide range of advantages designed to provide added security and convenience. To gain better visibility, you can upgrade yours with a lighting package for corner-to-corner illumination — even during a power outage. 

These garage door openers deliver a wide range of benefits through cutting-edge features such as:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • DC motors and battery backups.
  • Advanced Security+ 2.0 systems.
  • Intelligent smartphone app controls.

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If your garage door is acting out of the ordinary, schedule an inspection with one of our trained technicians. San Diego Door Pros is a Clopay® Master Authorized Dealer® and one of the most established local garage door opener installation companies in the San Marcos & San Diego area. You can depend on our garage door opener installers for fast, courteous and professional services. 

To request your free estimate for a residential or commercial automatic garage door opener installation, contact us online or give us a call at 619-770-0300.


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